How To Unlock ‘Hacker’ Battle Royale Class In Call Of Duty Mobile?

How To Unlock 'Hacker' Battle Royale Class In Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile recently released the much-awaited ‘Hacker‘ Battle Royale class. The BR class was first teased in the Season 9 test server update; since then, players have been eager to try out the geeky battle royale class in COD Mobile.

However, just like every other Battle Royale class, players will first have to unlock the ‘Hacker’ class in COD Mobile by completing some tasks. In this article, we’re going to guide you through the entire process.

How To Unlock ‘Hacker’ BR Class In Call Of Duty Mobile

To unlock the ‘Hacker’ Class, players will have to complete the ‘Technogeek’ event in Call of Duty Mobile. It’s a limited-time in-game event that will stay live until October 14, 2020. If you don’t complete this event before it’s gone, you’ll also miss out on the opportunity to unlock the ‘Hacker’ class in COD Mobile, for now.

You can find the ‘Technogeek’ event by following these steps:

  1. Click on the EVENTS section of Call of Duty Mobile’s home screen.
    Hacker event in COD Mobile
  2. Then, tap on the FEATURED option.
    featured event in COD Mobile
  3. You’ll see the Technogeek event where you can check your event progress.
    Unlock hacker class in Call of Duty mobile
  4. Click on the Claim button in front of the completed tasks.
  5. As soon as you collect 80 points by completing the tasks, the ‘Hacker’ class will get unlocked.

If you’re wondering what kind of tasks you have to complete in the Technogeek event, then here’s the complete list:

  1. Pick up a customized weapon from Airdrops in Battle Royale three times.
  2. Survive in the Battle Royale for 20 minutes.
  3. Enter the top 20 in Battle Royale twice.
  4. Use the Vending Machine in Black Market twice.
  5. Run over and kill enemies while driving a vehicle in Battle Royale
  6. Use armor plates to repair your vest in BR five times.
  7. Deal 1500 damage in Battle Royale matches.
  8. Use the CD machine in Downtown two times.
  9. Kill two enemies with headshots in BR.
  10. Pick up a Rare Weapon in BR five times.
  11. Land in the Radar Base area twice in BR.
  12. Kill three enemies in the Outpost area of the Battle Royale.

Note: You don’t have to complete all 12 tasks to unlock the ‘Hacker’ Battle Royale class. After completing any eight tasks, you’ll earn 80 points, which will be sufficient to unlock the Hacker BR class. However, you can go ahead and complete the remaining tasks to get additional Call of Duty Mobile rewards.

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How To Unlock ‘Hacker’ BR Class After The Event?

If you’re unable to unlock the Hacker class through the Technogeek event, then, unfortunately, you’ll be deprived of the geeky BR class for a long time. The only thing you can do is wait for the BR class to arrive in the Credit Store, which will take a long time. For instance, the Smoke Bomber Battle Royale class, released back in July, is still not available in the Credit Store.

I would suggest that you unlock the ‘Hacker’ class by participating in the featured event while still available.

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