Apple Apologizes For Slowing Down iPhones, Offers Solutions And Cuts Battery Prices

iphone 6s cost apple
iphone 6s cost apple
Earlier this month, Apple became a target of media websites and consumer groups after it was reported that the company might be deliberately slowing down older iPhones with an iOS update. Later, Apple confirmed the same.

In the latest development, the company has posted more information online and explained the situation in detail. In a statement, Apple apologized for the misunderstanding and offered some solutions to this problem. “We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down. We apologize,” the statement said.

Cheaper batteries, more visibility into battery health

It further explains how lithium-ion batteries work and age with time, including its faster degradation in performance in hotter environments. In order to be more transparent with what’s going on with consumer’s phones, the company will issue an iOS update that will add new features to help the users get more information about the health of their battery and make an informed decision. This is what was supposed to be happening in the first place.

Another big change has been made in the price of batteries for an out-of-warranty iPhone. The original price of $79 has been reduced to $29–which is a massive $50 reduction. This worldwide reduction will be effective starting in late January and through December 2018.

The company also re-iterates that when a chemically-aged battery is replaced with a new one, the performance of iPhone will return back to normal.

While this is a welcome change, we’d expect Apple (and other smartphone makers) to be more transparent in future. This will require more efforts to regain user trust and make way for better experience.

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