iPhone Face id erase face
The uses of Face ID is a lot more than fooling your mom’s iPhone X or making a poop emoji talk and laugh. Determined people are always on a quest to find new ways they can take advantage of the face tracking tech of 2017’s Apple flagship.

Kazuya Noshiro (@noshipu), a Japan-based game developer managed to get his face transparent with the help of the Face ID hardware.

Using the trick Noshiro likes to call “optical camouflage,” he was able to erase almost all of his face except the eyes and mouth. It’s another example of iPhone X’s face tracking capabilities.

In a 10-second clip uploaded on Twitter, he demonstrated the trick which is a part of an app he is developing using Unity. Although he didn’t mention much about how it works, a twitter follower of his was quick to ask whether he used a pre-recorded footage of the background. To which he replied “Correct answer.”

“It is scary. I do not really know what it can be used for,” Noshiro said (translated) in the comments. He is the CEO of the company ViRD which creates games based on AR and VR.

The trick might surprise people, but it’s unclear it actually fulfills some goal. Maybe, it could bring a fresh prospect in the world of AR.

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