Apple In Trouble, EU To Pass Regulation For A Common Charging Port [Updated]

Apple forced to introduce common charging port
EU to pass a regulation for common charging ports

Update: The European Union has decided to legalize the demand for standard charging port by the end of the third quarter of 2020. EU has stated that most of the smartphones have adopted the USB-C support and as soon as the law is passed, no matter a company is how big or small, USB-C will be mandatory for all smartphones to do business in the European economic area.

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The tussle going on between the European Union and Apple over introducing common charging ports is finally going to end soon. All the major manufacturers except Apple agreed on the European Union’s motive to launch common charging ports for all smartphones. As of now, the law-making body of the EU is soon going to pass new regulations under which it will be necessary to have a common charging port.

As reported by Android Central, the officials have said that the Union will implement the new regulations by Summer 2020. Expectations are that Apple will surely initiate a legal fight against the new regulation. All other Android manufacturers have already started making smartphones supporting USB-C Port in flagship devices and other high-ranged devices.

Previously, All Android smartphone manufacturers were stuck to the microUSB which, again, was not adopted by Apple. However, the company has adopted the USB-C port and connectors in the Macbook Pro laptops and on the latest iPad Pro.

The European Union has also taken an initiative to boost the manufactures to switch to wireless charging in the coming future. Most of the manufacturers have started heading towards the wireless charging alternatives and they all are using technology compatible with Qi-standard by the Wireless Power Consortium. Apple also uses the wireless charging technology compatible with Qi.

The European Union demanded a common charging port for all the devices present in the market including tablets, smartphones, e-readers and a few more. The initiative was taken by the EU to reduce the generation of electronic waste and make consumers’ life easier.

Apple responded to the European Union’s demand to introduce a common charging port by saying that the idea can kill innovation and it is going to generate a large amount of electronic waste as thousands of people would have to discard their lightning cables and connectors. The company also said that discarding lightning conductors on such short notice will create an environmental and economic crisis.

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