GTA 5 Jewel Heist Reviewed By The “Biggest Jewel Robber In The U.S.”

GTA 5 Jewel Heist Reviewed By A Former Jewel Thief

Rockstar Games’ gem, Grand Theft Auto 5, is a title that is known worldwide. Even Larry Lawton, a former Jewel thief who is considered to this date the “biggest Jewel robber in the United States,” knows how popular this game is. That is why he decided to review a jewel heist mission in GTA 5.

Lawton’s motive behind this was to find out how close to reality does GTA 5 jewel heist get. Of course, things that happen in Grand Theft Auto games are far from being realistic. But it’s still fun to see how a man who strategically robbed jewel stores all along the east coast reviews a game jewel heist.

How Realistic Was Michael’s Plan To Carry On The Jewel Heist In GTA 5?

From the very start, Lawton started pointing out things that aren’t possible in real life but they happen in the game anyway. For instance, Michael and Lester decide to rob the Venglico without giving any second thoughts. What’s more, is that they pick up a crew without having to know any of those people.

According to Lawton, choosing a store to rob isn’t that easy. First, you have to find out how much money you can expect from robbing that store. Moreover, the brains behind the robbery always think of a getaway plan depending on the location of that store. Although, later in the video, he realizes that Michael did have a getaway plan to get the heat off his crew’s back.

As for the crew, Lawton said that a robber must include only those people whom he knows personally. You can’t just pick a crew like they’re available at the “shopping mall.”

Well, I don’t think any Grand Theft Auto game would get that close to reality. I mean, Lawton even has an issue with Michael breaking the red light when driving from one place to another.

To be honest, if you’re following the traffic rules, then you’re not playing Grand Theft Auto. 

Lawton also laughs when Michael and Lester take their own car to visit the jewel store. Because according to him, that’s how you “get caught in real life.” 

Maybe he doesn’t know that if it’s GTA, then that car doesn’t belong to Michael and Lester anyway. The car’s probably picked up right from the street.

Lawton also stated that he could have made the robbery much more realistic if he was included in the project. Like he would have made the sound alarms go on to make the robbery harder, and I agree with that. But I don’t care about changing license plates to commit burglary in the game.

Also, it’s not just me who thinks that Lawton was too critical. There are a bunch of people who made me laugh my heart out with their hilarious comments.

Viewers' comments

There are a lot of other things that Lawton pointed out in GTA 5 jewel heist, and you’ll have to watch the video to know it all.

Nevertheless, the main highlight of this video is watching Lawton burst into laughter when the player recklessly hits every second car during the robbery. 


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