Apple Files For Declaratory Judgement To Save Its Eye-Tracking Patent

Apple Files For Declaratory Judgement To Save Its Eye-Tracking Patent
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Apple has filed for a Declaratory Judgement against Chian Chiu Li, who is a resident of Fremont California. However, Chian by himself is all set to file a patent infringement case against Apple using patent 11,016,564(564).

The patent is titled “System and method for providing information” and relates to eye-tracking technologies. Last week, the tech giant filed the motion in the Northern District of California in an effort to stop the patent infringement case from proceeding.”

What is a patent infringement case?

Although the definition of patent infringement may vary by jurisdiction, the meaning is somewhat the same. Patent infringement typically includes using or selling a patented invention without the knowledge of the creator.

Firstly, Patents are territorial, and infringement is only possible in a country where a patent is in force. If a patent is filed in the United States, then anyone is prohibited from making use of the patented item in the country. However, every country has its own laws on the same.

What is Apple’s declaratory judgment about?

U.S. patent and trademark office has awarded apple thousands of patents protecting its technologies and underlying inventions. According to apple’s court filing “This is an action for a declaratory judgment of non-infringement arising under the patent laws of the United States, Title 35 of the United States Code”.

According to a report by patently Apple, on April 5, 2022, Defendant(Chian Chiu Li) filed a complaint about patent infringement against Apple in the Northern District of California. In his complaint says that Apple products, such as versions of iPads and iPhones, infringe the 564 patent.

He claims that he is the sole owner of the 564 patent stating that his complaint is valid. Apple has taken countermeasures with the issuance of a declaratory judgment of non-infringement. He further alleged that apple directly infringes and continues to use, make, and sell infringement products.

He even said “the unlock face id” feature is the result of an infringement of an asserted patent. The party’s history extends back to the original complaint in which Apple was made aware of this, dating back to June 2021. “Apple was given notice of its infringement of the ‘564 Patent at least as early as June 9, 2021”.

However, apple maintained throughout the course of the party’s communications that it did not infringe the 564 patent. The company also explained in its statements why a license was unnecessary.

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