BMW To Discontinue Production Of IC Engine Cars By 50% From 2021

BMW electric car_ bmw ICE production stops

Moving forward, German automaker BMW will focus on electric cars. It will stop the production of 50% of IC engine cars from 2021. BMW recently made this significant announcement regarding the production of its upcoming vehicle lineup.

However, the German automaker has not revealed which of the cars will bid farewell to the auto industry. Automotive enthusiasts are assuming it will be diesel engines and bigger gasoline engines. Logically speaking, most likely almost all diesel engines and big petrol engines like the V12 or even the V8 that releases most of the emissions might get slashed.

Considering the recent news of BMW i8, a hybrid car, getting its production line ended, any vehicle can be on the list. However, there would be different reasons for stopping production of different vehicles.

Apart from the above facts, BMW has also announced the results for the fourth quarter of 2019. The company revealed a drop of 29% in the profit of 2019. The automaker believes that the combination of significant investments in electric vehicle technology and the ongoing legal antitrust case in the European Union has its effect on net profits.

BMW Future Plans Set For Electric Cars

As per the sources, 8.6 percent of the total cars sold in Europe were either electric or hybrid. Also, with five electric vehicles in pipeline viz: BMW MINI Cooper SE, BMW iX3, iNEXT, i4, and i3, the company plans to have around 1 million or more all-electric and hybrid vehicles by the end of 2021.

Though not stated, BMW is all set to follow in the footsteps of Tesla to increase its electric vehicle production in the future. The company has already cut its costs to invest in the development of electric and autonomous driving vehicles.

The Chief Executive Officer Oliver Zipse said that the company has recognized the signs of change at an early stage and had made preparations accordingly.

We know that this is an era of transition, and we strongly hope that this legendary automaker will swiftly transit from ICE to better electric cars.

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