Apple Rolling Out New App Store Rules Ahead Of WWDC 2022

App Store developers will have to offer account data deletion option to users!s

Apple Rolling Out New App Store Rules Ahead Of WWDC 2022
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Apple WWDC 2022 event is right around the corner and the brand wants to make some changes to the App Store rules. It will introduce two rules related to payment services integration and account data deletion.

The first rule is being delayed for the last three years. Apple wants the App Store developers to make these changes as soon as possible. The last day to comply with these rules is 30 June 2022.

What are the two new App Store rules?

Apple App Store developers who offer online group services will have to use the in-app payment system. Facebook opposed this proposal but Apple is keen on adding this by the end of June 2022. The second major change is how the App Store developers offer account deletion options to users.

Apple made it clear that the developers need to offer an option in their apps to easily delete account data. Rather than burying it under a pile of options, it must be clearly visible to the users.

People should be able to delete their account information and personal data stored by developers. Moreover, they cannot just offer deactivation options to the users. They must include the option to completely wipe their data if they wish to. You can read about the two new rules here.

App Store Rules
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Apple’s Push to Privacy

Apple advocates its devices offer better privacy than other devices. The brand launched ATT measures to combat cross-app tracking on the iPhone. It resulted in huge revenue loss for many social media companies including Facebook and Twitter. Now, users will have an option to delete their personal data from the app for good.

It is a good step in the direction of privacy because app developers tend to store data, even after users leave. They have no control over how their data is used by the app developers. But now App Store developers have to offer an option to wipe it all.

In other news, Apple is planning to move its manufacturing outside China. What do you think about the new App Store rule? Do you think that app developers should be held responsible for misusing personal data? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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