6 Android Q Betas Planned By Google; Stable Release In Q3

Android Q

Following numerous rumors and speculations, Google has finally made its next-gen Android Q operating system official, by releasing its first beta. In addition to this, Google has provided a timeline of all the beta versions before the OS goes official for the general public.

Android Q Beta will comprise six beta programs, starting today and until Quarter 3 of 2019 (preferably in August 2019) when Android Q will be available to all.

Beta 1 is the first release that has been introduced, followed by Beta 2 (incremental update), Beta 3 (another incremental update), and Beta 4 (inclusive of final APIs and official SDK) expected to be released in April, May, and June, respectively.

Beta 5 and Beta 6 involve candidate releases for testing and will be available in Q3, 2019. Following this, the final version of Android Q will be made available to the users.

Under the beta program, the first three beta versions are aimed at helping users figure out the device and app compatibility with the new OS, while the Beta 4 lets users access the final APIs and SDK.

android q beta timeline

Lastly, beta 5 and 6 will provide beta users with the release candidate builds.

As a reminder, the beta program is presently available for Google Pixel family users (Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, and Pixel 3 XL).

Additionally, to get hold of the beta program, users can either download the factory image and flash or manually sign up for the beta program.

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