Google To Bring Android Messages To Your Computer’s Web Browser (APK Teardown)

android messages on pc

While Google might be excelling in its flagship offerings like search, video, maps, etc., its messaging game plan remains a mystery. Its plethora of apps for different purposes have failed to gain an iMessage or WhatsApp-like popularity. This is surprising as iMessage is one of the main reasons why many people choose to stay inside Apple’s closed garden.

In a move that might bring a glint in the eyes of Android enthusiasts, Google is reportedly planning to bring the ability to send text messages from your computers. Soon, you’ll be able to use Android Messages app on desktop Firefox, Chrome, and other web browsers.

This has been revealed after some code digging done (or APK teardown) by Android Police. Some intriguing findings suggest features like sending messages from PC, scanning QR code, connecting PC app to phone, multiple browser support, etc.

What makes it more interesting is the possibility of advanced features that are offered by RCS, including sending messages over WiFi, read receipts, seeing real-time responses, etc. The future update can also open gates to send payments via text messages, request money, etc.

It’s worth mentioning that these expected features should be taken with a grain of salt. APK teardowns are necessarily speculative, and it could turn out to be wrong on some occasions. In case the features mentioned above make it to the public, we’ll let you know.

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