Chromebooks Will Judge Your USB-C Cable and Tell You To Get a New One

Chromebooks Will Judge Your USB-C Cable
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Laptops are a part of our daily lives as the devices are used to perform all sorts of tasks from personal to work. Often, we transfer data from one source to another through a USB-C cable, which can provide us with better performance.

However, every cable does not carry a higher data throughput level, and your Chromebook will tell you if you need to replace it.

A new update for Chromebook comes with a feature that alerts the users when the USB-C cable is not in perfect condition. The update will introduce the feature in devices with the 11th and 12th generations of Intel silicon that have Thunderbolt 3/USB4 functionality.

Image Credit: Google

The device will notify the users if the cable isn’t compatible or doesn’t support Thunderbolt/ USB 4 or is simply unable to handle the data rates needed. For example, a warning may state that the external monitors require cables to support the 5Gbps transfer.

A warning states, To enable a USB4 connection, replace the cable with a Thunderbolt 4 cable or a USB-C cable with a SuperSpeed USB 5 Gbps or higher performance rating. Make sure the package of the replacement cable has one of the certified logos.

It is an excellent feature that will prevent the data from being corrupted and lets you transfer it at high speed.

The update for Chromebook also comes with the feature that allows users to resize the particularly magnified position of the screen while using a docked magnifier. The cursive app is also pre-installed in each Chromebook using a stylus.

Google said, “If you write a sentence that fits better on a different part of the page, that’s not a problem — easily move it by circling the content on the page and dragging it to wherever you like.”

The company also states that it allows the users to adjust the stylus stroke’s style, color, and thickness.

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