Galaxy S2 Now Compatible With Android 10 Based On LineageOS 17.1

lineage os 17 for Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S2 gets Lineage OS 17 support

Android 10 was released a few months ago and users are loving the latest OS that comes with a plethora of features. Eventually, Android 10 started rolling out for the latest smartphones, including OnePlusXiaomi, and many more.

Surprisingly, senior XDA member rINanDO has released an unofficial Android 10 port for the ancient Samsung Galaxy S2 (stylized as Galaxy S II) smartphone which was launched back in 2011. This is done via the very famous Lineage OS 17.1 which borrows features from the Android 10 update.

With that said, Samsung Galaxy S2 has probably become the oldest smartphone to receive unofficial support for over 8 years, outperforming HTC HD2 which got around 7 years of unofficial support.

At the time of launch, the Samsung Galaxy S2 came with the Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, which was upgradable to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The unofficial updates for the device have been rolled out from time to time but the support for Android 10 via the Lineage OS 17 unofficial update was quite unexpected.

Now, users of the Samsung Galaxy S2, if any, can also enjoy various Android features on their 8-year old device.

However, this Galaxy S2 custom ROM is unstable right now, contains bugs, and not recommended for daily use. The developer notes that it contains bugs related to the display and GPS sensor, to name a few. A future build will bring a more stable Android 10 support for the Galaxy S2.

Lineage OS is an open-source free operating system based on the Android platform. The biggest advantage of using the Lineage OS is that one can get all the modifications of the latest Android version in their old smartphones, topped with extra customization features.

Previously the Lineage OS 17 was launched for Xiaomi Mi 6 and all the major features of the OS were working properly. The only issue in the OS was that the Bluetooth audio mode was not working properly. A stable version of the Lineage OS 17 for Xiaomi Mi 6 is still in the works.

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