Android 14 Developer Preview 1 Released: What’s New & How To Install?

It’s that time of year when Google lays the groundwork for the next big Android release, and surely enough, the giant has released its first Android 14 Developer Preview. While cosmetic changes are minimal, there are lots of changes under the hood, and we’ll be glancing over each one of them in this article.

For starters, Google dropped the Dessert naming scheme after Android 9.0 but is still using it internally. Android 12 was codenamed “Snow Cone,” Android 13 was codenamed “Tiramisu,” and Android 14 is codenamed “Upside-down Cake.”

Android 14 DP1: Here’s everything that’s new

Let’s glance at some of the most evident feature changes and additions to Android 14 DP1.

1. Fast Pair Option in Settings

The Fast Pair option in settings makes a comeback after being removed in one of Android 13 Betas. For those unaware, it’s used to quickly scan and pair Bluetooth devices that support Google’s Fast Pair.

2. New Guest User Toggle

You’ll now find a new toggle after going to Settings > System > Multiple Users in the guest section called “Allow guest to use phone,” which will allow guests to make calls and share your call history with the guest profile.

3. Battery Usage Page Changes

The Battery Usage page has now been altered to show you the “Screen time since the last full charge,” and a dropdown to break down by apps or system. This is a nice touch and will prove to be extremely useful for enthusiasts who frequently measure screen time while testing new Android devices.

4. Changes in Security and Privacy Pages

Android 14 DP1 removes dropdowns from options on the Security and Privacy page. On Android 13, users can change settings pertaining to the warning right from the Security and privacy page, but Google thought it’s a good idea to remove it, which is weird.

5. System update

The new system update page of Android 14 DP1 is reminiscent of Android Nougat and Oreo days, but it’ll probably not stay for too long.

6. Battery Saver UI Tweaks

There are now two options on the Battery Saver page — Basic Battery Saver and Extreme Battery Saver. The latter allows you to use only select specific apps to save more battery.

7. App Cloning

Google has laid the foundation for app cloning in Android 14. Now, whether the feature will stay in future Android releases is still questionable, but it’s a step in the right direction.

We weren’t able to find the option on our Pixel 6, but our good friends at 9to5Google were able to get into the Cloned Apps page on their Pixel 7. According to them, Google doesn’t allow you to clone its own apps such as Chrome, Clock, YouTube, YouTube Music, etc.

Other Internal Changes

  • App labels in the taskbar when DPI is set to 600+.
  • IMEI and EID are now hidden in settings by default.
  • Android will now warn you when installing apps made for Android 8.1 or lower.
  • You won’t be able to install apps made for Android 5.1 or lower.
  • Even if an app has full gallery access, Android 14 will only let you pick specific photos through photo picker.
  • Health Connect is now a part of Android OS rather than being a separate app. It integrates multiple health and fitness apps and enables sync across them to get fitness data.

How to install Android 14 Developer Preview

Android 14 DP1 is available on all Pixel devices starting from Pixel 4a. Installing Android 14 DP1 will wipe all your data as it requires unlocking and relocking the bootloader. Hence, we recommend backing up your data.

  1. Ensure you have ADB and Fastboot drivers installed on your PC.
  2. Toggle on OEM unlocking and USB debugging on your Pixel.
  3. Go to and connect your Pixel.
  4. If all drivers are correctly installed, you’ll see a browser pop-up with your device’s name on it. Select your device.
  5. Select the latest Android 14 DP build and click install.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions, and you’ll have Android 14 installed on your Pixel in no time.

Source: Mishaal Rahman on Twitter

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