Sebastian Vettel Uses Find My To Chase Thieves

Sebastian Vettel
Image: Insidesports

Sebastian Vettel is a popular name among the formula one enthusiast as the four-time champion. However, on Monday, Sebastian added another skill to his impressive CV, an amateur detective.

The 34 years old German had his bag stolen during his tour in Barcelona from the outside of his hotel, but unlike most of us, he refused to give up and attempted to track the thieves down by riding a scooter through the city.

What’s impressive is that Vettel used the tracking software in his smartphone to trace the earbuds inside the bag. Unfortunately, the Aston Martin driver did find his earphones but could not find the entire bag.

It looks as if the thieves were one step ahead as they discarded everything that could be easily traced, and Vettel found the earphones without any traces of the bag or the thief.

It was an efficient attempt from the snatchers to throw him off their scent and thus potentially remove any source that anyone could use to track their identity or location. It’s also unclear whether the thieves spotted the popular F1 driver on the trail before the incident.

A spokesperson of Aston Martin states, “A bag belonging to Sebastian Vettel was stolen in Barcelona this morning. He tried to find it by using his iPhone to track his earphones in his bag, but when he located his earphones, he found them abandoned and was therefore unable to locate his stolen bag.”

Vettel also informed the police about the bag snatching incident. It was yet another sad day for the 53-time Grand Prix winner, who also finished Spanish Grand Prix in 11th place on Sunday, a position out of points.

Aston Martin, who enters the second year of the five-year plan aiming to turn them into regular champions and winners, also recorded the second slowest car in the grid.

There was a major car upgrade recorded for the Barcelona race, displaying plenty of early promise, but it could not produce the performance that the team desperately wanted to see. Additionally, Aston Martin is also in constant competition with the championship leader Red Bull.

They have recently accused them of mimicking their car design and have launched an internal inquiry for any potential loss of intellectual property with six employees poached in previous weeks.

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