AMD's Ultra-Low-Power Ryzen Embedded APU Feature 6W TDP

AMD has launched its lowest-power Ryzen processor, Ryzen Embedded 1102G, with a new series of embedded chips that feature the lowest Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 6W.

After the Ryzen Embedded 1102G, there’s the Ryzen Embedded 1305G SoCs, which features a configurable 8W-10W TDP.

This new series of embedded chips in Ryzen processors are designed for ultra-compact commercial and industrial systems. Also, both the ultra-low-power APUs will be available for the next ten years.

APUsCores ThreadsBase FreqTurbo FreqL2L3GPU SPsIGP FreqDRAMTDP
Ryzen Embedded R1305G2C / 4T150028001MB4MB1921000Dual Channel8W – 10W
Ryzen Embedded R1102G2C / 2T120026001MB4MB1921000Single Channel with ECC6W

Ryzen Embedded 1102G and Ryzen Embedded 1305G feature Base and Turbo frequency of 1200, 2600, and 1500, 2800, respectively. Both Ryzen Embedded chips come with two Zen cores with and without simultaneous multithreading.

Also, both SoCs chips come with AMD Radeon Vega 3 graphics, 1 MB L2 Cache, and 4 MB L3 Cache. In addition to that, both chips flaunt GPU Speed and IGP frequency of 192 and 1000, respectively.

According to AMD, low TDP and less number of supported DIMMs can make the chips cheaper. Also, when compared to Ryzen Embedded processors with higher TDP, APUs with less TDP can have a simplified design.

Anandtech reports that Kontrol, which has D3713-V/R Mini-ITX platform and Simply NUC, which is known for its Red Oak Miniature PC, will be the first customers to use Ryzen Embedded 1102G and Ryzen Embedded 1305G.

Shivam Gulati
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