Amazon Doesn’t Care For Pregnant And Disabled Workers, Says Complaint

Amazon doesn’t care for pregnant and disabled workers

The New York State Division of Human Rights filed a complaint against Amazon. It states that the company doesn’t accommodate requests from pregnant women and disabled workers despite repeated requests. Governor Kathy Hochul’s press release revealed the news about the complaint.

Amazon will face charges if it is found guilty of being unreasonable with its workforce. The company also faced accusations of not ensuring adequate safety measures for its workforce during COVID.

Some reported incidents

The press release highlights some of the major incidents which showcase that Amazon failed to honor many requests. One incident highlights that a pregnant woman filed a request to be exempted from picking up anything over 25 pounds.

While the company accepted the requests, the managers didn’t pay heed to the order. They continued to overwork her which resulted in an injury. After that, she had to take unpaid leave. She filed numerous complaints against the management, all of which remained unanswered.

In the above case, Amazon accommodated the request but the managers disapproved. But in another case, the company didn’t accommodate a request. Later it discarded the request stating that there wasn’t enough medical documentation. The manager knew that the worker was trading shifts to improve the sleep cycle. But this time both the higher-ups and management failed to offer any help to the worker.

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It isn’t the first time that Amazon is facing a complaint regarding pregnancy discrimination. According to CNBC, Amazon let go of many pregnant workers who weren’t productive enough. These instances prove that Amazon isn’t keen on anything except productivity.

What’s next for Amazon?

New York State Division of Human Rights will investigate the matter. The popular e-commerce player could face hefty fines and be made to adopt non-discriminatory policies. Amazon would have to reshape its policies to accommodate requests from workers with genuine problems.

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