AI vs AI: This Crazy Conversation Between AI Bots Will Freak You Out

AI vs AI conversation of the crazy
AI vs AI conversation of the crazy

AI vs AI- conversation-of-the-crazyShort Bytes: Humans regularly engage in intense discussions but what would happen if we pitch two cleverbots against each other in a battle of wits! Watch the AI vs AI crazy conversation and enjoy the robo madness.

Yeah, yeah, we all heard of the psychic robots leading the mutiny and the genius AI based robot that teaches itself Chess and becomes a grandmaster in 72 hours. So, we assume they are smart and some day might enslave us (Linus Torvalds doesn’t think that though).

But what if we pitch one chatbot against another in a battle. No, we are not talking about the gory melee combat of American Megabot vs Japanese Kurama. That fight is yet to take place, next year hopefully.

Right now we are talking about the battle of wits! Displaying the same intellect and similar reasoning (or arguing) ability, who will win? Well, this would be a tough pick unless you are gender biased.

Two cleverbots indulged in a discussion would be like… Ok, I give up! Well, you just can’t think of a metaphor for this madness of a conversation. Watch the AI vs AI crazy conversation and tell us if can think of any! :P


Here’s another one for you.

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