99% Of Windows 7 Apps Compatible With Windows 10: Microsoft

Windows 7 Apps Support On Windows 10
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The good old Windows 7 is going away in almost a day. Yet millions of users still haven’t moved on to the latest version, i.e., Windows 10. This comes after Redmond did what not to lure users, including free Windows 10 upgrade offer that still works.

Now, Microsoft has set up a new webpage urging users to go for Surface devices as the end of Windows 7 is near. It describes how easy the life of users will become with new Surface devices running Windows 10 and Microsoft 365.

However, the webpage also answers one of the biggest questions asked by many users (especially enterprises): Will legacy Windows 7 apps run on Windows 10?

Microsoft confirms that almost “99 percent of Windows 7 apps are compatible with Windows 10.”

“A modern desktop builds on your current network and works with it. All your Windows apps and internal apps should be compatible and familiar.”

Windows 10 introduced the concept for UWP apps to the world, which, by the way, didn’t perform as intended, forcing Microsoft to take a few steps back.

But just like older versions, Windows 10 also comes with built-in compatibility modes to support legacy apps designed for Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows XP.

One way to access the compatibility mode is to right-click on an app’s name or setup file > Properties > Compatibility tab. Here, tick the checkbox “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and choose your desired Windows version.

While individual opinions might vary, Microsoft suggests buying a new Windows 10 PC (read Surface) is cost-effective than upgrading an existing one. The company argues the older PCs tend to incur higher repair costs and loss of productivity hours.

Citing the SMB PC Study from 2018, Microsoft says it could add up to $515 per PC per year for an SMB (Small and Midsize Business) using a PC older than four years.

Speaking of Windows 7, the official date when Microsoft will discontinue the support is January 14, 2020. Post that, Windows 7 users will be deprived of any security updates or important software patch required to fix the new vulnerabilities being discovered every now and then.

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