20 Best Google Doodle Games You Can Play Right Now

best google doodle games

Throughout the years, Google has released many doodles celebrating different events. Sometimes, the search engine company has gone above and beyond our expectations by making some entertaining doodle games. We have put together some of the best Doodle games made by Google that you can still play right now.

Most of these games can be finished in a few minutes, making for a good distraction on your way home or if you are just bored. The following list is in no particular order. You can also check out our other article on some cool Google Easter Eggs you can find.

20 Best Google Doodle Games

The following are some of the best Doodle games made by Google over the years. You can still play all of them through the Google Doodle archive or by clicking the links below. So look for the type of game you would like to play.

Doodle Champion Island Games

best google doodle games champion island

Doodle Champion Island Games is one of the biggest doodle games Google has ever made. The game takes about an hour or two to complete and is filled with many mini-games. It was created to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics and plays like a classic RPG.

The goal is to defeat every sports champion across the map to collect all seven sacred scrolls. Many hidden challenges are also spread across Champion Island for you to discover. It is one of the best Google doodle games you can find.

Cartridge Style Google Doodle Game

A recent Google Doodle lets users create their own video game from scratch. The doodle was made in celebration of Gerald “Jerry” Lawson’s 82nd birthday (the inventor of video game cartridges). The game has five pre-made cartridge games to play, and users can create their own levels using the edit feature. The game is even quite reminiscent of the Super Mario Maker series.

Google Pac-Man Doodle Game


Pac-Man is a popular classic game that you can play by searching its name on Google. The website will then show you the PAC-MAN Doodle with a google style map. You can control Pac-Man using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

You can also play the game with your friend by clicking “Insert Coin” twice. After this, Ms. Pac-Man will appear, who you can control using the WASD keys. Fun Fact: You can also press the arrow key at the bottom to play other classic games such as Minesweeper, Sanke, Solitaire, etc.

Magic Cat Academy


Do you want to know how it feels to be in the wizarding world and duel using magic? Well, this game might be the closest thing you will get here. Magic Cat Academy is a fast-paced game where you have to draw the correct shapes to fight ghosts.

Despite its simple premise, the game can be challenging, unlike others on this list. It is one of the few doodle games that Google has brought on twice. Both times it was on the occasion of Halloween.

Quick, Draw!


Although this is not a doodle game, it is quite an exciting game that deserves its place on this list. Quick, Draw! is an experiment by Google where users can play Pictionary with an AI neural network. In this game, you will be given a word to draw as the AI guesses what it is.

Doctor Who Doodle Game


Doctor Who fans, here’s a fun little game for you. This Google doodle game was released on the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. You can select your favorite iteration of the Doctor and play as him for the game. In the game, users have to strategize their movements to avoid enemies and use the environment.

Pangolin Love (Sonic like game)


Sonic fans will definitely like this Doodle game, reminiscent of the classic game. The doodle game was released on Valentine’s day 2017 to raise awareness about Pangolin and other endangered species. You play as a Pangolin searching for flowers to impress its mate.

The game’s objective is to collect flowers similar to coins in Sonic. You can finish the game in a couple of minutes and go for the high score. Control the Pangolin with the arrow keys, and collect as many flowers as you can.

Pony Express


Google made this Doodle to celebrate the 155th anniversary of the historical Pony Express. In this game, players are horse riders who have to deliver letters from California to Missouri while avoiding cacti and other obstacles. It’s a relatively simple game with the ultimate objective of collecting 100 letters.

Savoy Ballroom


Savoy Ballroom is a fun rhythmic doodle game that celebrates swing dancing. The game features the Savoy Ballroom, an iconic Swing Era dance hall. In this game, players have to press their keys at the right time. You have to follow the musical note and press the highlighted key when the note is sitting on top of it.

Quick Note: A white circle will help you time your key presses with the musical note.

Google Rubik’s Cube Doodle Game


We have all tried to solve a Rubik’s cube at least once in our lives. Google released Rubik’s Cube doddle game back in 2014 on the 40th anniversary of the toy. The interactive version of the game is no longer playable, but you can still play it, thanks to Chrome Cube Lab.

Google Doodle Multiplayer Games

Playing games can get lonely quite easily, so here are a few multiplayer Google Doodle games. Users can play these games with random players or their own friends.

Loteria (Mexican Bingo)


Loteria is a traditional Mexican card game similar to Bingo. An announcer will showcase a card that the player will need to mark. However, the player must fulfill a specific condition to win the game. E.g., Get all cards in a row, get all the cards in a column, etc.

Note: You can play a random match with strangers or invite your friends by sharing a link.

Great Ghoul Duel


The Great Ghoul Duel is another multiplayer Doodle game that you can play with up to eight players. The game came out on Halloween 2018 to celebrate the festive occasion. You can play with up to eight players divided into two teams. The game’s objective is to collect as many souls as possible and bring them back to your base for powerful upgrades. The game also has a sequel that came out on Halloween 2022.

Google Doodle Music Games

Music has been a great part of many Google Doodle games, and we have selected some of the best ones for you. Players will be able to make their own tunes using different instruments and make their own compositions. So get to it already.

Hip Hop


Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a DJ? With this Doodle game, you can make your mixtapes and play out your favorite beats. The game came out in 2017 to commemorate the 44th anniversary of the birth of Hip Hop. You can mix several classic albums and make your music with this game.



Rockmore is a game released back in 2016 to celebrate Clara Rockmore’s 105th birthday. She was a virtuoso performer of the theremin, a gesture-controlled electronic musical instrument. In this game, you learn to play the theremin and different musical notes.

Note: You can customize the settings to tweak the key, scale, octave, and waveform.



Fischinger is another music-themed game created to celebrate Oskar Fischinger’s 117th birthday. Users will be able to create their visual music compositions. The Doodle provides a wide array of settings that you can use to customize presets, tempos, tones, keys, etc.

6 Google Doodle Sports Games

Over the years, Google has released many Doodle games inspired by traditional sports. Here are a few notable examples.

  • Baseball: Released in 2019 to celebrate the fourth of July.
  • Cricket: To celebrate the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.
  • Soccer: Released in 2012, where you play as a goalkeeper.
  • Basketball: Part of the 2012 Summer Games interactive doodles.
  • Hurdles: Part of the 2012 Summer Games interactive doodles.
  • Slalom Canoe: Part of 2012 Summer Games interactive doodles.

So these are the best Google Doodle games that you play right now. We will keep adding new Doodle games as they come out to this list. Until then, users can also check out the best-unblocked games to play in schools or at work for free.

Let us know which game you liked the most in the comment section below.

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