Learn These 10 Highest Paying Tech Skills And Earn More Than $130,000 Annually

tech job salary
tech job salary

tech job salaryShort Bytes: Careers website Dice has just released its annual survey that points out some interesting facts about the salary trends of the tech job in the U.S. The report shows that cloud and big data dominate the highest-paying tech skills.

If you are a technology professional or planning to become one, here’s a good news for you. According to the annual salary survey by Dice, a careers website for professionals, the average salaries in the U.S. saw a rise of 7.7% to reach $96,370 annually.

Out of these high paying tech jobs, there are some that need special skills to stay at the top for a longer time. This report shows a trend that big data and cloud skills still pay the most. However, the number 1 top paying tech skill is HANA — SAP’s in-memory database — with an average salary of $154,749.

“The wage hikes paint a picture of an overall solid environment for technology professionals with 62 percent earning higher salaries in 2015,” Dice said in a statement.

This survey that covered 16,301 IT professionals in late 2015, also stated that open source technologies topped the 2015 list. Take a look at the top 10 list below:

The top 10 highest paying tech skills

Skill Category Salary
HANA Databases $154,749
Cassandra Databases $147,811
Cloudera Cloud $142,835
PaaS Cloud $140,894
OpenStack Cloud $138,579
CloudStack Cloud $138,095
Chef Programming Language $136,850
Pig Big Data $132,850
MapReduce Big Data $131,563
Puppet Programming Language $131,121

Take a look at this infographic below that shows these top 10 highest paying tech skills:The top 10 highest paying tech skills

Explaining the reason for this inclination towards the big data and cloud, Dice’s Melk tells, “As more businesses look to build out their tech infrastructures, employers need solutions to securely store, manage, and process large sets of data.”

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