Use the New Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts in Command Prompt

windows 10 keyboard shortcuts command prompt
windows 10 keyboard shortcuts command prompt

windows-10-keyboard-shortcuts-command-prompt-Short Bytes: For Windows Command Prompt users, Windows 10 has brought the gift of keyboard shortcuts. Here, we are going to tell you about the different shortcuts you can use in your Windows 10 Command Prompt.

Talking about the Windows 10 features and functionalities, there could be negative arguments like privacy concerns and Microsoft stealing your data. But, the Command Prompt in Windows 10 is a definite improvement compared to the older version of Windows. The Command Prompt in Windows 10 feels smoother and comes with the functionality of using keyboard shortcuts.

With the new shortcuts, you can easily cut and paste things in the Command Prompt window along with other useful ones. Let’s know more about them:

How to enable Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts in Command Prompt?

In Windows 10 final version, Command Prompt keyboard shortcuts are turned on by default. If you are having the earlier builds, you can check the Properties and turn them on.


In the Command Prompt and right-click on the title bar to open the options and click Properties. Under the Options tab, find the section Edit Options and check the box next to Enable Ctrl key shortcuts. Once you are done reading this article, don’t miss this knowledgeable article on how to ddos someone with cmd.

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts in Command Prompt:

Here is the list of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts in Command Prompt:

Copy selected text to clipboard: Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert

Paste copied text: Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert

Select all text in the current line (if there’s no text in the current line, all text in the Command Prompt will be selected): Ctrl + A

Move screen one line up/down (similar to scrolling): Ctrl + Up/Down

Move screen one page up/down: Ctrl + Page Up/Page Down

Open Find window for searching through the Command Prompt: Ctrl + F

Enter Mark Mode (lets you select text with the mouse): Ctrl + M

(In Mark Mode) Move cursor up, down, left, or right: Up/Down/Left/Right

Move cursor up/down one line and select text: Shift + Up/Down

Move cursor left/right one character and select text: Shift + Left/Right

Move cursor left/right one word and select text: Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right

Move cursor up/down screen and select text: Shift + Page Up/Page Down

Move cursor to the beginning/end of current line and select text: Shift + Home/End

Move cursor to the beginning/end of screen buffer and select text and beginning/end of Command Prompt’s output: Ctrl + Shift + Home/End

Close the Command Prompt: Alt + F4

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