Salaries of Software Engineers: Top Paying Skills, Top Roles and Best Engineering Schools

2015 Engineering Candidate Marketplace In Review II Riviera
2015 Engineering Candidate Marketplace In Review II Riviera

2015-Engineering-Candidate-Marketplace-In-Review-II-RivieraShort Bytes: Making an attempt to inform you about the market trends of salaries of software engineers, we bring you an infographic telling you many helpful things in a simple graphical manner.

If you’re working as an engineer and you strive to do something big in your life, searching for growth options must be an integral part of your life. Looking at the market trends and analysing the growing companies’ hunting for new talent- this could be of some great help if you are looking to make a switch. Working on the same line, analysing the engineering marketplace for the last 12 months, Riviera has and observed and tabulated some trends regarding the salaries of software engineers.

During the study, over the period of one year, the salary figures of software engineers was looked at and some interesting finding were compiled. The average salaries when sorted by company funding stage, it was found that software engineers get paid the most by Series B funded companies.

Talking about the highest paying skills of a software engineer– it was found that languages like Java, JS, Ruby and Python are the ones helping the people to earn fat pay-cheques.

Enough about the skills and companies- Which schools are producing the most in-demand crop of software engineers? This list is dominated by UC Berkeley, followed by USC and Stanford.

Riviera has created this nice and enriching infographic to depict all information regarding the salaries of software engineers at one place. Take a look:


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In the study, it was found that the top reason why a software engineer leaves his/her job remains the fact that he/she doesn’t find the job challenging enough. Other major factors include vague direction of the company, poor product performance and laying off.

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