Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Censored Hunter Biden Laptop Story On FBI’s Say So

Meta is stealing data now
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Zuckerberg rarely gives interviews. But he appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast recently and shared a lot of information that we would otherwise never know. While interviews are stern and confined to a particular topic, podcasts try to open up to the person a little bit. On the Joe Rogan podcast, Zuckerberg shared a confidential bit about Hunter Biden and the FBI over his laptop controversy.

Zuckerberg shared that the FBI asked Facebook to suppress the reach of the posts. While users could share posts related to Hunter Biden’s laptop, the overall reach and recommendations of such posts in the Facebook feed were restricted.

The Hunter Biden Laptop Story that Zuckerberg Spoke About

In 2020, a computer repair shop owner received three laptops in his repair shop. Time passed, and no one came to collect them. The owner began prying into the laptops to check what data was available. And according to some, he hit a goldmine with that laptop. It contained personal files related to Hunter Biden, son of the current president Joe Biden.

The data was then shared with the media, gradually leaking the laptop’s data to the public. It evolved into a big scandal/expose, which also led to a lot of uproar on social platforms. Facebook agreed to the FBI’s demand to suppress the reach of posts that belonged to Hunter Biden’s laptop story.

Facebook leak- Mark Zuckerberg
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Zuckerberg further shared that Facebook didn’t decide whether the story was wrong or right. It left that task to third-party fact-checking programs. He also opened up about the way Twitter tackles misinformation. Lastly, the fact-checking revealed that it was false, but the reach of such posts was suppressed on Facebook.

Facebook and Twitter are two common sites where much misinformation can spread like wildfire. Each has its own means of tackling it, but history proves that most of the time, they are unable to do anything about it. Mark Zuckerberg added that he doesn’t have spare time to use his social media accounts. He teaches his daughters to code before bedtime.

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