“One Piece” Chapter 1058 Spoilers: New Bounties & Buggy’s True Role!

One Piece Chapter 1058 Spoilers New Bounties & Buggy's True Role!
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While fans await the next chapter of ‘One Piece,’ its spoilers are running wild online and are ripe to take place before Chapter 1058 of ‘One Piece’ is released online. Meanwhile, we’re here to share some critical information from the spoilers; but not to spoil the whole chapter for you. In addition, we’ll also be sharing the release date and time of ‘One Piece’ Chapter 1058.

The spoilers for Chapter 1058 of ‘One Piece’ reveal the new bounties set on the straw hat’s heads. As for the title, the upcoming chapter of One Piece is titled “New Emperor.” The chapter begins in Thousand Sunny, with Luffy being locked in a cage with his face covered in wounds. While Nami is still mad at Luffy for what he did in Wanokuni, the Straw hat captain apologizes to Nami, but to no avail. Meanwhile, we see Jinbe trying to diffuse the tension by saying, “everyone is fine; it’s not a big deal.” However, he gets scolded by Nami in return.

On the other hand, a new coo gives Robin the newspaper, which contains the new bounties. As for the new bounties on the new Emperor and his nine commanders, let us take a look.

  • Chopper: 1000 Berries; Chopper is surprised that his bounty has increased from 100 Berries to 1000 Berries
  • Nami: 336 Million Berries; to which Nami replies, “hundreds of millions? I want them!”
  • Brook: 383 Million Berries; Brook is pleased and celebrates by yelling “yohohoho”
  • Franky: 394 Million Berries; Franky is pissed because his picture in the wanted poster is replaced by Sunny’s figurehead
  • Ussop: 500 Million Berries; It’s enough, please don’t increase it, Ussop replies
  • Robin: 930 Million Berries; Robin celebrates by giving Chopper some cotton candy
  • Sanji: 1.03 Billion Berries; Sanji is furious and compares his bounty to that of Zoro’s and Jinbe’s
  • Jinbe: 1.1 Billion Berries; further irritates Sanji and asks him what’s wrong
  • Zoro: 1.1 Billion Berries; yells, Forget him, don’t waste your time on number 4
  • Luffy: 3 Billion Berries; No concern for the bounty, just wants to get out of the cage

Meanwhile, cut to the outside of Karai Bari Island. Cross Guild subordinates still can’t believe that their chairman has recruited Crocodile and Mihawk. On the other hand, we see Buggy, who is described as one of the 4 Emperors, beaten up, missing some teeth, and begging for his life to Crocodile and Mihawk.

In addition, we see Crocodile saying, while he and Mihawk founded the group, why is Buggy basking in the glory? To which Mihawk is seen replying that Buggy is probably the last person to become an emperor at the cost of a simple apology. Moreover, we also see how Buggy is not aware of the new flyers being sent out to the world depicting Buggy as the boss, which further angers Crocodile.

We also see the bounties for Cross Guild members being discussed in a flashback. And the bounties are not small, with all of them amassing bounties in billions; here are the numbers.

  • Crocodile: 1.9 Billion Berries
  • Mihawk: 3.5 Billion Berries
  • Buggy: 3.1 Billion Berries

As for the sword to Buggy’s neck, the duo decides not to kill him and use him to get what they want. Meanwhile, in the last frame, during a conversation between Kuma and Dragon, the phone rings, and as Koala answers the call, the voice on the other end says, it’s me, Sabo! Meanwhile, the call is being intercepted by Marine headquarters all along.

With these spoilers for Chapter 1058 of One Piece, the chapter comes to an end.

‘One Piece’ Chapter 1058 release date and time

Coming to the release date and time for One Piece Chapter 1058, the chapter titled “New Emperor” will be released on Monday, August 29th, at midnight JST. For the regions around the world, these will be the release timings.

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM PT
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM ET
  • British Time: 4 PM BST
  • European Time: 5 PM CET
  • India Time: 8:30 PM IST
  • Australia Time: 12:30 AM ACST

Meanwhile, to read the latest chapters of One Piece manga, fans can head over to Viz and Manga Plus every other week upon the new chapter’s arrival.

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