YouTuber Creates A Working Fridge-Sized Xbox Series X

Fridge-Sized Xbox Series X
Image: Michael Pick

Michael Pick, a YouTuber known for creating a larger-than-life Nintendo Switch, has done it again. The content creator posted a video showcasing his latest creation, a giant Xbox Series X.

It is larger than a refrigerator in both size and weight. The Xbox Series X measures 2.08m (6.82ft) high and 0.7m (7.41ft) wide. It weighs in at 113kg (approximately 265lbs).

Pick explains that copying the curved top of the Series X console, which is made up of dozens of cutouts, was the hardest part of creating the massive Series X. He claimed that he was able to create the look by printing small sections and then gluing them together. This took him two weeks to complete.

Pick estimated that this step took two weeks and “helps bring this build to life even though no one will ever see it at its peak” because it is so tall.

The console’s mammoth functionality is achieved using a small but powerful Xbox Series X. This console is housed within a larger housing. When you press a button on this giant Xbox, it sends a signal to the microcontroller, which instructs a motor on the regular-sized console to press the button.

There are a few modifications to the original design, including additional back connection ports and other details. Imagine that you can’t see how a console nearly seven feet tall could be useful.

Pick completed the build, and his team took it to Texas, where ZHC, a YouTuber and artist, gave it a custom cartoony paint job. The team is now donating it to the YMCA Youth and Teen Development Center, Atlanta, Georgia, after a new coat of paint.

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