Microsoft Is Bringing ‘Unlimited’ Gaming Subscription For Windows 10 Users

MIcrosoft Xbox Game Pass for PC

If you’re fond of playing games on your Windows 10 PC, then Microsoft has some good news for you. The company is bringing a PC version of its popular Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Known as Netflix for gaming, Game Pass for Microsoft’s Xbox line of gaming consoles was launched back in 2017. It offers a wide selection of games to users who can download and play them an unlimited number of times after paying $9.99 per month. There are similar services like EA Access and PlayStation Now, which also offer unlimited gameplay for a monthly fee.

Now, the company is doing the same for Windows 10. However, you can already play some of the Xbox Game Pass titles on your PC right now with the help of the Play Anywhere initiative.

So, what’s the difference?

This time, Microsoft wants to make the service full-fledged for Windows 10 users. Microsoft said that the new Xbox Game Pass for PC is a lot similar to the existing Xbox subscription but the company is trying to rebuild it as a new experience for PC gamers.

It has partnered with over 75 developers who will provide over 100 high-quality titles for the initial launch of the game subscription service. The list includes known developers like SEGA, Devolver, Paradox Initiative, Deep Silver, etc. The company will also include titles from its in-house Xbox Game Studios.

Users who buy the subscription will also get up to 20% discount on the games currently available on the Microsoft Store and up to 10% off on DLC and add-on-on purchases.

Right now, there is no word on the pricing of Xbox Game Pass for PC. It’s also unclear whether it will work separately from the existing Game Pass subscription. Microsoft is expected to reveal more details at the E3 conference starting next month.

More on Steam, Win32 Games On Store

Further, the company has announced that it will be bringing more games to Valve’s Steam, starting with Gear 5 and all the editions of Age of Empires. This will add to the list of 20 Microsoft games that are already present on Steam.

Microsoft is also adding support for Win32 apps to Microsoft Store, allowing more developers to bring their games to the Store. The company acknowledges that the Win32 platform is preferred by many game developers and players. So adding support for the same would invite more scope for customization and control they expect from the Windows gaming ecosystem.

So, basically, Microsoft is trying to pitch itself as a gaming company that the moved past restricting users to specific platforms. In other developments, they are also working on their very own cloud-based game streaming service codenamed Project xCloud. It’s expected to stream over 3500 gaming titles.

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