Microsoft xCloud Will Stream Over 3,500 Games Including All XBox One Titles

microsoft xcloud
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Game streaming services are the next big thing in the tech world, and every major tech company is buckling up to be at the forefront of this domain. We have already learned bits and pieces about Microsoft’s xCloud service.

The company has now revealed more details claiming that Project xCloud will support over 3,500 games that are playable on the Xbox One, including the Backward Compatibility list.

The most important part is that the game developers won’t have to make any modifications to their gaming titles to have them supported by xCloud.

This announcement implies that Xbox and Xbox 360 games will also work on xCloud. Microsoft has also said that over 1,900 games that are under development for Xbox One will also be made available in xCloud. That tallies the score to a total of over 5,000 games.

We have also come to know that whenever a game is updated on the Xbox Store, it will automatically be updated for xCloud as well.

But before we get too excited about this announcement, it is important to note that the official blog post refers to it as “technical capability.”

So just because a game is technically capable of streaming all these games doesn’t necessarily mean that it will. In fact, a major part of this decision could be left up to the developers, and it remains to be seen how the whole thing pans out.

Meanwhile, Microsoft mentioned some improvements to the Xbox Development Kit. There is an addition of a new IsStreaming API, which informs the game when it’s streaming. Using this API, game developers can develop new features that are specific to game streaming services.

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