Windows Command Line Is Going To Get Better With Emojis, Tabbed Console, And More

Windows Command Line is Changing

We might have all the latest graphics-rich operating system and software out there, but the history of computers preserves a special place for the good old terminals. Nowadays, these have transformed into mere apps that take some space on the machines and mostly used by people with geeky minds.

Going back into the history, the initial human-computer interfaces where Teletype machines in which a keyboard was used as an input device and a printer facilitated the output. Later, the screens replaced the printers.

Talking about Windows, now you have CMD, Powershell, and Windows Subsystem for Linux. Each of these has its own instance of Windows Console.

With time, Microsoft has made improvements and upgrades to the Windows Console. Last year, the color scheme was updated to make it more readable and offer better support for displays with higher resolution and contrast. Still, Windows Console is behind that of Linux in some way.

In 2014, the company formed a new Windows Console team to foresee further development and quickly introduce capabilities similar to the ones leveraged by UNIX users. Microsoft is working to upgrade the Console. However, it doesn’t involve making changes to the command-line programs.

It’s being reported that new and improved APIs are forming a part of the latest Windows 10 Insider builds. And they’ll bring more reliability, rich Unicode, emoji support, tabbed console, and much more.

While much details aren’t available, Microsoft has published a series of blog posts exploring everything from the origin of the command line, the evolution of the terminal, and what it’s doing to modernize the Windows console.

Source: Ars Technica

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