Windows 11 Virtual Desktops: Here’s Everything You Can Do With It

virtual desktops on windows 11

With everything we’ve seen since Windows 11 came out, it’s clear that Microsoft paid special attention to multitasking. Virtual Desktops have existed since Windows 10, but they weren’t fully equipped. Earlier, the Task View button opened the Timeline and Virtual Desktops screen.

With Windows 11, Task View offers a chance at better multitasking. Let us see what you can do with the all-new Virtual Desktops.

The Idea Of Using A PC At Different Places

Windows 11’s Virtual Desktops were created with the idea that a user uses their computer at different places. Meaning, a user should have a different workspace at home and another for work.

Rename the Virtual Desktops

Initially, you can rename your virtual desktop as per your liking. Here’s How:

1. Hover over the Task View icon.

hover over task view icon
Task View Button

2. Then, right-click on the virtual desktop and click Rename to name it as per your liking.

3. To sum up, you can have different names for each active desktop, e.g., Work, Home, School, etc., to create an environment for everything you do.

rename virtual desktop
Rename Current Desktop

Choosing Different Backgrounds For Separate Desktops

A newly added feature lets you have different backgrounds set for active desktops. For instance, you can have a different wallpaper for your work desktop and another for your home desktop. This, in turn, can lead to smoother multitasking. Let’s see how.

1. Hover/click on the Task View button, and right-click on your desired Desktop.

2. Secondly, choose the option that reads “Choose a background from the context menu.”

3. Further, Windows will open the Settings app. Choose a background from the pre-installed ones or use your own image.

change desktop background
Choosing Desktop Background

Note: You can also rearrange the virtual desktops by moving them left or right in the Task View screen. All these new features are introduced to maximize productivity.

Once you’ve set up your Virtual Desktops, this is what it will look like:

task view options
Task View Options

Do you like the new Windows 11 Virtual Desktops? Would you use them? Let us know in the comments below.

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