OnePlus 6T Booted On Windows 10 On ARM; Runs Into Blue Screen Of Death

Microsoft has been advocating the concept of always-connected PCs for quite some time. The company also announced an SDK that allows developers to port their x86 apps on ARM64 chips. Since then, developers have also been trying to obtain the benefits of Windows 10 on ARM processors.

Now, a software developer named Bas Timmer, who also goes by the alias NTAuthority, has been trying to run the ARM64 build of Windows 10 on devices with smaller displays. He has already managed to run Windows 10 on Google Pixel 3XL, and his latest experiment involves the OnePlus 6T.

While booting Windows 10 on the OnePlus 6T, Timmer ran into a blue screen of death (BSOD) error. He shared an image of the device calling it “OnePlus 6T 🙁 Edition”.

However, Timmer did not share any instructions on how we could get our own “OnePlus 6T 🙁 Edition”, indicating that trying to run your Android smartphone on Windows 10 could be a disappointing experience.

Nevertheless, it has sparked a lot of conversation and excitement. The developer also noted that the touch works fine on Windows 10 enabled OnePlus 6T because the AMOLED display of the device runs on a Synaptics touch controller.

This is because Window devices already support the Synaptics touch controller and most of those laptops use a trackpad made by Synaptics.

Later, in a follow-up tweet, Timmer informed that the device ran into UFS problem as well so we don’t know how long we’d have to wait to see Windows 10 desktop GUI on the OnePlus 6T.

It isn’t the first time when Timmer has created a buzz in the modding scenario. He is a part of the Windows on ARM community development team and enjoys porting ARM64 variant of Windows 10 on unsupported platforms like the Raspberry Pi.

Earlier, he booted Google Pixel 3 XL on Windows 10, where the boot sequence showed Google logo followed by the Windows logo.

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