TikTok Owner Unveils The ‘Dali Smart Lamp’ With Camera For $119

ByteDance Dali Smart Lamp $119

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has moved into the education hardware arena by announcing a new smart lamp, its first device in this segment. Known as Dali Smart Lamp, the device looks like a street light and packs a camera, smartphone-style display, and a voice assistant which gives it the smart label.

Dali Smart Lamp is aimed at kids and allows parents to monitor their activity while they’re away. That’s where all the extra hardware comes into play. This also marks the beginning of ByteDance’s push in the education devices.

Priced at $119, the internet connected lamp is meant to help school-going kids finish their homework easily while their working parents see them through the camera using a remote app. It’s initially launched in China, however, it could be of great utility in other nations as work-life balance is a common problem that people face.

Dali Smart Lamp might take some time to mature into a reliable product. However, one plus point is it builds on top of ByteDance’s existing education services infrastructure which now comes under the new brand name Dali Education. For instance, its service GoGoKid is used to teach English to kids living in China.

The new education-oriented connected device might be able to help ByteDance improve profits at its big social media app TikTok sees an uncertain future.

ByteDance via TechCrunch

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