Sphericam 2: 360-degree Camera For Shooting Ultra HD 4K Videos

sphericam 2 360 degree videos
sphericam 2 360 degree videos


We are slowly yet steadily stepping towards a future equipped with virtual reality devices. Although, the devices like Oculus rift have been a boon to the field of VR technology, yet the market lacks in the consumer-targeted cameras which are capable of creating 360-degree VR compatible videos.

A recent Kickstarter project may be a suitable solution. It is a 4K 360-degree camera nearly of the size of a tennis ball, namely, Sphericam 2. It has six inbuilt 4K lenses to facilitate capturing at 60 frames per second. Moreover, Sphericam has Wi-Fi which makes it even better. You can stream live videos to your desktop or mobile phone.

This device is basically a second version of Sphericam, which was successfully launched initially on Kickstarter and shipped in the year of 2013.

Sphericam was taken into reality by Jeffrey Martin, a 360-degree photo expert, who currently holds the world record for the Largest Panorama Photo which was a 320 Giga-pixels photo of Londonsphericam-2-360-degree-videos

Sphericam 2 will retail for $1,499 but can be pre-ordered now for a $200 discount on Kickstarter.

VR is gaining popularity at a very fast pace and without any doubt, most people are loving it. Noticeably, YouTube has recently added support for 360-degree videos and the music industry seems to be interested in it, for musicians like Paul McCartney and Hardwell recently uploaded their concert videos shot in 360-degrees.


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