Why ‘Among Us’ Players Won’t Get This Special Feature Anytime Soon?

Why 'Among Us' Players Won’t Get This Special Feature Any Time Soon

Among Us is one of those indie games that grabbed millions of players around the world quite instantly. The game is developed by InnerSloth, a three-person team that is trying really hard to keep up with players’ requests.

However, there’s one special demand from players that developers can’t fulfill right now, which is ‘Custom map creator.’ ‘Among Us‘ players have been asking for this special feature since the very start; however, the developers have made it clear that players won’t be getting it anytime soon.

On October 1, the developers appeared on Twitch’s Weekly Gaming Show. During the show, developers announced that they are working on the fourth stage for Among Us, which has only three stages. The trio also confirmed that they like the idea of Custom maps in Among Us; however, they can’t implement it in the game’s current version.

To let players create their own stages in the game, developers will have to give them the map assets, which doesn’t exist in the current version of Among Us. That’s because all the maps in Among Us are hand-drawn.

“The maps currently are completely hand-drawn. There’s no tile sets or anything, so we’d have to redo how we make our maps basically,” said InnerSloth’s Marcus Bromander.

To create map assets, developers will have to crop every item, such as the box, wall, and cafeteria table, from the existing maps. Then, these assets can be called upon by the players to create their custom maps.

However, creating assets from scratch would take a lot of time and effort. And for now, the developers are focusing on getting rid of hackers and cheaters in the game.

So, a ‘Custom map creator’ will only be possible once the devs are completely satisfied with the core gameplay experience of Among Us.

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