Among Us New Update: Anonymous Voting, Colorblind Support, And More!


In response to the game’s immense popularity, Among Us developer InnerSloth is working hard on a new update.

As reported by Attack Of The Fanboy, Among Us is getting new enhancements, including anonymous voting, taskbar visibility option, and colorblind support. These features are available in the Steam Beta and will soon be released for all PC players. As per the source, Among Us app on Android and iOS will get this update later.

For those who don’t know, Among Us is a social deduction game that involves an imposter backstabbing its crewmates. To win, the crewmates can either finish their tasks or identify and then eject the impostor out of the spaceship. Meanwhile, the impostor can secure victory by taking down crewmates without raising suspicion.

Among Us Update New Features:

Anonymous Voting

The game crewmates can call an “emergency meeting” and then vote to eject a suspect. The suspect with the most votes gets thrown out of the spaceship. The action is a double-edged sword since the suspect may or may not be the imposter.

In the latest update, Among Us is getting an anonymous voting system that won’t show the crewmates who voted against whom. This will surely make things spicy.

Taskbar Visibility Option

The game’s HUD includes a progress bar that gives a rough idea of the overall task completion. In the new update, you can customize it to show up always, only during meetings, or never. When the taskbar is hidden, the crewmates’ trust in each other will be tested.

Colorblind Support

Among Us players would agree that colors play a huge role in the game as each player sports a different one. If you can’t make out which color you saw beheading your crewmate, the impostor may easily slip right past you (especially in open rooms where you don’t know the players by their username).

Keeping this in mind, the devs are working on implementing a feature to help colorblind players.

If you want to test the new features, you can play the Among Us Beta on Steam (PC). These changes will be released under a new update for all platforms in the future.

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

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