How To Find Out Version Of Microsoft Office On PC?

microsoft office version
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Microsoft Office has become an essential piece of software running on most Windows machines. Although most OEMs provide Microsoft Office as a pre-installed app, its version might inevitably go unnoticed. You can quickly check which version of Microsoft Office you have on your Windows PC.

Since Microsoft Office is just like any other application on your Windows machine, you can find its detail from within the application itself. To do so, you must open any Office app and browse its menus to check your Office version. Likewise, this guide will help you know the version of Microsoft Office on your PC.

What version of Office do I have?

If you’re running Office 2016 or above, you can identify it from its “newer” dual-tone design with a colored ribbon. If you don’t own an Office license, you can get it below:

Here’s how to find out the exact version of Microsoft Office you have installed on your Windows machine.

1. Open any application part of the Microsoft Office suite, like Word.

2. Click on the “File” button on the top-left part of the ribbon.

file option in word

3. Further, click on the Account option on the bottom-right part of the File window.

Note: If you don’t see the Account option, you’re running an older version of Office. To proceed further, look for the “Help” button when you click on File on a Microsoft Office app. You can visit the “About Office” section to check your version of Microsoft Office installed on your PC.

account button version microsoft office

4. You will now see the Account page on the Microsoft Office application. Then, check the app’s version under the “About Word” section (or any other Office app you might have opened).

version of microsoft office

5. Finally, click on the “About Word” button to check detailed version information about your Microsoft Office installation.

microsoft office version


Finding out which version of Microsoft Office is installed on your PC is relatively uncomplicated. However, note that this method is only for legitimate owners of a Microsoft Office license. If you’re running a pirated copy, consider purchasing Office 2021 or Office 365.

Also, you can check these Microsoft Office alternatives if you’re not satisfied with the office suite.

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