Valorant 1.11 Patch Was A Technical Nightmare, So Riot Rolled Back The Update

Valorant 1.11 Patch Was Technical Nightmare, So Riot Rolled Back The Update

Recently, Valorant released the 1.11 patch to introduce the new agent, Skye, along with numerous other buffs and nerfs. Riot released the update for regions such as NA, LATAM, and BR.

However, Riot decided to roll back the patch for all three regions because the Valorant 1.11 update was full of bugs. So, Valorant is now again running on patch 1.10, which is disappointing.

Valorant players have been desperately waiting for ‘Skye’ to arrive in the game. Also, since the last 1.10 patch, players around the world are facing stuttering issues in Valorant. So, patch 1.11 was supposed to introduce the new agent while also fixing this bug, but things didn’t work out as expected.

Several Valorant streamers called out Riot for technical issues in Patch 1.11. For instance, Josh “Steel” Nissan’s screen was taken over by Sage’s texture when he was in the middle of the match.

Also, 100T Steel found his teammates swimming in the air on the spawn area.

Considering all the hilarious glitches, Riot announced that they are rolling back the patch for North America, Brazil, and LATAM. Along with that, the developers have also delayed the 1.11 patch for other regions. So, if you’ve already started the Skye contract, then you won’t be able to progress any further before Valorant releases the patch again.

According to Valorant’s tweet, the developers will redeploy the patch later this week; if they have a solution. A patch that is a “technical nightmare” would have negatively affected Valorant First Strike Qualifiers. That’s why the developers will find a “less disruptive” time to re-release the update that everyone is excited about.

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