Facebook Messes Up Again: News Feed Getting Spammed With Public Posts On Celebrity Pages

Facebook bug celebrity posts

If you’re seeing Facebook posts of random people that are tagging Rihanna, Ronaldo, or others, you’re not alone. There seems to be a bug that is messing up the Facebook feed for users around the world.

One of our teammates saw posts addressed to celebrities he follows on his Facebook feed. Shortly after that, many others started sharing screenshots of a similar homepage flooding on their profiles. At the time of writing this story, hundreds of people have posted screenshots of the issue on Twitter.

Don’t be surprised if your Facebook feed isn’t affected either. As I write this story, I’ve checked my Facebook app and web version, which appear to be normal. It means not all users are affected but are seeing posts tagged to celebrities they follow on the mobile app and desktop site.

Why am I seeing posts to celebrities on Facebook?

Since there’s no update from Facebook, we can only assume this is a bug that sent FB’s algorithms flying. What’s happening here is that if someone decides to tag a celebrity, then everyone following that celebrity sees the post.

For instance, if John Doe decides to tag Vin Diesel in a post, you’ll see John Doe’s post if you follow Vin Diesel. It is a strange issue and is raining down spam on users. If nothing, this is a hilarious situation and a spammy one.

Is my Facebook account hacked?

Users on Twitter are asking this question. And it is a legit question, seeing there are comments from random people on their home page. But this is apparently happening to a large number of users, which means it is probably a broken algorithm. If by chance, it is a hack, it would be one of the biggest ones FB has faced.

There are several things that are wrong with the platform, but this one seems new. You can take standard precautions like logging out, changing your password, or reinstalling the FB app to attempt a fix. It also seems like a coincidence, but Downdetector is also showing a rising number of users reporting FB is down for them. But nothing is clear at this stage, and we will be updating this story as it unfolds.

For now, we haven’t received any communication from Facebook or Meta clarifying the issue. If you’re also facing this problem on Facebook, do let us know in the comments and share this article with others to make them aware of the issue.

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