How To Auto Update “Among Us” On BlueStacks?

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Let’s be honest; many users installed BlueStacks on their PCs when ‘Among Us’ was trending. The ability to play the popular game on your PC is quite enjoyable too. If you still have the game on the popular Android emulator, you should probably update it.

BlueStacks uses the Google Play store to download, install, and update apps. Likewise, you can use the Google Play Store on the emulator to update the ‘Among Us’ game and set it to auto-update too. Here’s how to update ‘Among Us’ on the BlueStacks app player.

Update “Among Us” on BlueStacks

Follow the steps below to update the game via the Play Store. Also, make sure that you originally downloaded the game from the Google Play Store itself.

1. Launch BlueStacks.

2. Open the Google Play Store from the apps menu.

3. Click on the left hamburger menu on the screen.

4. Select the “My apps & games” option.

my apps and games bluestacks
Image: BlueStacks.

5. On the app update screen, you’ll see ‘Among Us’ in the list. Click on the Update button across it to begin updating the game.

update among us
Image: BlueStacks.

And that’s it. Once the game finishes updating, you can close the Google Play Store and start playing Among Us on the emulator again.

How to Auto Update “Among Us” on BlueStacks

To enable automatic updates for all your apps on the Android emulator, follow the steps below:

1. Launch BlueStacks.

2. Open the Google Play Store from the apps menu.

3. Click on the left hamburger menu on the screen.

update among us bluestacks hamburger menu
Image: BlueStacks.

4. Open the Play Store settings.

5. Find the auto-update apps setting under network preferences and set it to “Over any network.”

Now, the Play Store will automatically update Among Us whenever an update is available.


Playing ‘Among Us’ on an Android emulator is something many users have done recently. However, it’s only fair that you might wonder if the BlueStacks app is safe. For that, read the ‘Is BlueStacks Safe‘ article. If you have ‘Among Us’ installed, you should update it whenever there’s one out and set it to automatically update for the best experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to download Among us on the BlueStacks emulator?

Yes, it’s completely safe.

Is ‘Among Us’ free on BlueStacks?

Since the emulator uses the Google Play Store, ‘Among Us’ is free.

Why is ‘Among Us’ not updating?

It would help if you turned on automatic updates in the Play Store’s settings, or try manually updating the game.

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