Use This 3D Pen And Create Anything From Scratch

Drawing thoughts into reality.

Use This 3D Pen And Create Anything From Scratch
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What if I told you there’s a magical pen that can draw 3D structures out of thin air? You would probably think I’m talking about a sci-fi movie or some early concept I found in the corner of Reddit. But, the fact of the matter is that a 3D pen is very much a reality today.

These special pens are widely available from various vendors in many countries. They work on virtually any surface and allow you to draw all that you can imagine. When it comes to creating cool stuff with a 3D pen, the sky is the limit. This seems especially true for a certain South Korean artist who goes by the name, “3D SANOGO” on YouTube.

Over the years, SANOGO has created fascinating three-dimensional figures, ranging from the Squid Game doll to the Iron Man’s gauntlet. Not just that, he has also restored and repaired decaying walls and pavements in his city. Here’s a video compilation that shows him in action.

Whether it’s fixing a broken pavement or decorating a decrepit wall, the South Korean does the job with an artistic touch. For example, take that construction site replica he made on a wall in the video above. His “pen”-tastic embellishments on these structures improve their appearance noticeably.

It’s worth mentioning that the creator also sells his own range of 3D pens and related products on his website. Just like the others, a SANAGO brand 3D pen makes use of colorful filaments instead of ink. This filament melts appropriately inside the battery-powered pen’s body and releases from the nib. You can control the temperature of the filament using the buttons on the pen.

While pressing the release button on the pen, you can run it over any surface, or in the air, to draw. During this process, you may even use your fingers to manually mold the filament ink to match your objective.

Besides 3D SANOGO, you may also check out 3D pens from popular manufacturers 3Doodler and MYNT3D. Some smaller companies also provide interesting deals at affordable prices — as low as Rs. 849 ($11.18).

If you’re not in the mood to draw structures yourself, you can even automate this task using another futuristic technique called 3D printing. Tell us in the comments whether you would prefer using a 3D pen to create on your own or just use a 3D printer.

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

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