TOR Browser 6.0 Released With Better HTML5 Support And Improved Security 

tor browser 6 0 released
tor browser 6 0 released

Short Bytes: TOR Browser 6.0 has been released with multiple changes and improvements. Powered by Firefox 45-ESR, the latest release marks the improvements in video playback with a better support for HTML5. Following the footsteps of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, TOR’s first stable release in the 6.0 series also removes the support for SHA-1 certificates.

The TOR Browser Team has released the first stable release of its Firefox-based TOR Browser’s 6.0 series. This recent release has brought numerous changes and improvements for the benefit of privacy-concerned users.

The latest TOR Browser 6.0 is based on the Firefox 45-ESR release. This Australis-based version of Firefox comes with revamped GUI and supports modern technologies.

TOR Browser 6.0 features and improvements

This release also brings home an improvement in the way you play videos on the web. TOR Browser 6.0 comes with a better support for HTML5 video on YouTube.

This automatically makes you more dependent on HTML5 and forget about your Flash plugin. This also removes Flash-related security risks that involve leaking your IP.

Making things easier for OS X users, TOR team has introduced the 6.0 code-signing for OS X systems. This means, things are now easier for the users who were facing problems due to OS X’s Gatekeeper interferences.

Another big change brought by Firefox 45-ESR is the support for the latest JavaScript standards and Push API for dynamic notifications.

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No support for SHA-1 certificates

Following the footsteps of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, TOR Browser 6.0 has removed the support for SHA-1 certificates. This marks the biggest security change that has been made to the web browser.

TOR team has also fixed a serious DLL hijacking issue, along with making the update mechanism better.

TOR’s search engine situation

Recently, TOR project got some complaints on its forums regarding the usage of DuckDuckGo instead of Disconnect. The TOR team says that for a while now Disconnect doesn’t have access to Google Search APIs. So, it’s showing DuckDuckGo’s results instead of Bing results.

TOR Browser 6.0 is available for download from the TOR Browser Project page.

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