Tim Cook Confirms Apple Uses Sony Cameras

iphone 14 pro pro max
Image: Apple

Apple rarely shares details about the manufacturers and the components used in its products. But Tim Cook gave away a little information about one of the major manufacturers, which helps them make better iPhone cameras. In a Twitter post, Cook shared an image of himself visiting the Sony camera lens production facility in Kumamoto.

He revealed that Apple and Sony had been partners for over a decade, meaning 60-70 percent of all iPhone models use Sony’s camera lens. So, now you know that it is the latest image sensor from Sony, which makes your iPhone photos and videos so delightful.

What plans does Apple have for future iPhones?

Apple’s latest iteration of the iPhone didn’t have many major upgrades, but the camera was indeed overhauled to a 48MP primary shooter. Other than that, most were major fixes or, rather, improvements to the already decent iPhone 13. Many iPhones also encounter the issue of camera lens jittering, which eventually kills the lens on some new iPhone 14 models. But Apple released a software update to stop that from happening in the future.

The Sony collaboration reveals that Apple cannot do everything in-house and has to rely on brands like Sony to build a better product. A report released said the cost of building Samsung’s Fold 4 series is only 40 percent of its price. It is lower than the iPhone 14 Pro Mac making cost which is 44 percent of its price. While Apple is branching in to multiple manufacturers to reduce reliance on China. Samsung is better off with its locally sourced parts.

Apple iPhone 14 Plus in stores
Image by Manik Berry/Fossbytes

Recently, news broke about Apple working on allowing third-party app stores and app installs on the iPhone and iPad. While it is a piece of news to be happy about, only EU users will benefit from it. EU regulations will make it mandatory for Apple to allow third-party stores, but in countries where there is no such law in place, users will have to stick to the App Store only.

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