TikTok Might Sue White House: Ban Discussion Turns Ugly Between Trump Advisors

TikTok ban US

According to a Washington Post report, President Trump advisors got into a heated debate in the Oval Office late last week during TikTok ban discussions. Peter Navarro, (trade advisor) accused Steven Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary) of going soft on China. Navarro was pushing for an immediate ban on TikTok whereas Mnuchin argued for a TikTok sale to a US company.

Now, an NPR source has revealed that TikTok might actually file a lawsuit against the Trump administration by August 11th. The lawsuit will contend that the executive order is unconstitutional as it violates TikTok’s right to undergo the due process to respond.

The source also mentions that TikTok will contend that the executive order is unconstitutional as it violated TikTok’s due process right to respond and that the national security rationale behind the order is based on “pure speculation and conjecture,” according to the source.

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While TikTok has declined to comment on whether it is actually going sue White House, but it did acknowledge that the order was issued “without any due process” and “no substantiation” of the security allegations.

There are chances that TikTok might win this lawsuit as Trump used the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to help justify the order on security grounds. However, this law doesn’t allow bans based on personal communication and media sharing — which is both the main agenda behind banning TikTok.

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