Why Is My Internet So Slow? Easy Tips To Fix Slow Internet

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Slow internet can be painful, especially now when we are habitual of having internet speeds in the range of 100-200 Mbps. There could be several reasons as to why your internet is slow. There isn’t a single tip that you can get by Googling “Why is my internet so slow” and apply it to fix your slow internet issue. One of the best options is to pinpoint the culprit behind it and then troubleshoot to end the problem of slow internet speed.

How To Check Internet Speed?

Ookla speedtestIf you’re not able to load a site, it doesn’t mean that your internet is slow. It is possible that the website might have issues and is experiencing a surge in traffic. You cannot be sure that your internet is slow until you check internet speed. To see the numbers, you can use websites that offer internet speed test tools. Some of the popular websites to check internet speed online are:

  1. Speedtest by Ookla
  2. Speedtest.net
  3. Fast.com
  4. Spectrum speed test
  5. Speakeasy speed test
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Before we reach the actual identifying and fixing the issue part, we need to know whether you’re facing slow internet on your mobile data or Wi-Fi as the troubleshooting tips are different for both options.

You can choose the tips according to your connection type.

Internet So Slow On Phone (Mobile Data)

Internet speed on your mobile phone depends upon a lot of factors like the hardware specs of your smartphone including processor, network reception capabilities and the signals of carriers you’re using.

The internet could work slow on your smartphone due to the following reasons:

1. You’re in a crowded place like at a sports event or at a railway station where thousands of people are trying to connect to the nearby cell tower at the same time.

2. Poor reception of mobile signals in remote areas which is, in turn, your carrier’s fault and there is not much you can do about it.

3. Slow internet on smartphones could also be due to poor weather conditions.

4. Limited bandwidth offered by carriers could also be a reason why you’re not getting great internet speed despite paying for  4G mobile data.

5. There could be a number of apps downloading in the background or a large amount of data is being synced in the background.

6. An outdated device could also be the reason behind slow internet speeds on mobile data.

How To Fix Slow Internet Speed On Mobile?

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As we have already said, there isn’t a master tip or fix that you can use to speed up the internet speed but you can apply the following fixes to boost internet speed on your mobile phone:

  • Reset network settings on your smartphone and choose 3G/4G option instead of 2G.
  • Clear the cache from the browser you mostly use as it might obstruct fast internet speed.
  • Boost your internet speed by offloading unnecessary apps as unwanted apps can suck your data by running background processes.
  • Use third-party performance boosting apps for smartphones. You can install cleaner apps like Cache Clean, Ace Cleaner or Go Speed to increase internet speed on your mobile device.
  • Use lite and data-saving mobile browsers like Opera Mini and Chrome Lite (only for Android).

If these internet troubleshooting tips aren’t working for you then there is a chance that there is an elephant in the room that you’re not able to spot. You can call your carrier to complain about slow internet speed on your smartphone.

Slow Internet On Wi-Fi Network

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Now that Wi-Fi network has become the preferred means to connect to the internet, if it works slow you’re bound to be annoyed. If you’re also facing the issue of slow WiFi speed, first, you need to analyze the reason behind the slow internet. Understanding the problem might help in troubleshooting it in an effective manner.

Before finding the problem behind the disappointing internet speed, check the speed you’re receiving from your ISP. You can visit online speed test sites to see the upload speed, download speed and ping time. We recommend using Cox’s internet speed test or Fast.com to check your internet vitals.

Why Is My Internet So Slow On Wi-Fi Network?

The following could be the reasons behind slow wi-fi speed:

1. Obstruction in signals from your Wi-Fi router

If you’ve placed your Wi-Fi in a place like a closed space where signals could be obstructed, it is recommended that you shift your router and modem to somewhere with nothing to interfere with the signals. Removing any obstruction between your devices and Wi-Fi router is a great method to bury the problem of slow internet. Some of the devices that can obstruct signals and lead to bad internet speeds include cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves and garage door openers.

2. You’re using a 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi router

You may be asking too much from your Wi-Fi router when it is not capable of it. To boost internet speed, use 5GHz routers as these are better than the 2.5GHz router when your preference is speed over the range of signals.

3. Multiple devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network

If the internet connection in your home is shared at the same time by many people, you’ll experience slow internet speed. If your brother in the other room is downloading a movie via torrent and your mother is streaming a show on Netflix, your internet connection could be saturated. You can either upgrade your internet package to increase the bandwidth or use a router that has Quality of Service (QoS) functionality. Routers with QoS feature intelligently allocate bandwidth so that you don’t experience slow internet speed despite multiple devices using the same Wi-Fi network.

4. Apps & software are eating your bandwidth in the background

If you think that your Wi-Fi router is working fine then there could be an issue with your computer or smartphone. Try disabling apps that hog bandwidth and run processes in the background to limit your internet speed. You can stop syncing the processes of file-syncing services like Google Drive and Dropbox. To speed up internet, you can disable automatic downloading of updates.

5. You’re using a cheap quality coax splitter

Coax splitters are used for splitting cable connections and could be the reason why your internet is slow. Avoid using coax splitters wherever possible. You can try using the internet without a coax splitter to check whether the splitter is degrading your internet speed.

6. Weak Wi-Fi passwords

strong password 2

Ensure that you’re not doing an unintentional charity by sharing your Wi-Fi connection with your neighbors. Use a strong password for your Wi-Fi connection.

7. Malware and Adware Are Slowing Your Internet

Your computer could be affected by malware or adware that you using up bandwidth by downloading files you don’t need. Check your PC for viruses and malware using antivirus software.

If the above methods to fix slow internet does not work for you, you can call your ISP and complain about it.

While we’re at it, there are some FAQs about slow internet that you might have in your mind.

FAQs About Slow Internet

1. What is a good internet speed?

Good internet speed depends solely on your usage. If you want to browse internet, send emails and stream compressed music, the speed of 3 to 5 Mbps is enough. If you intend to stream videos and watch content in HD quality, you can do that with a 10 Mbps connection, So there isn’t exactly a fixed number for good internet speed.

2. Why is my internet speed so slow?

We have mentioned the reasons why you could be witnessing slow internet speeds. You can check the reason and troubleshoot slow internet accordingly.

3. How to speed up internet?

To boost internet speed, you can try the above-mentioned methods according to the problem you are facing with your Wi-Fi router or mobile data. You can use simple tips to fix slow internet and if the tips won’t work, you can call your ISP to complain.

4. Why is my internet slow on one computer?


If your internet is working fine on all other devices but one computer, then you can try resetting the network adapter of your computer, disable apps that could be hogging your bandwidth, or you can scan your PC for any potential malware or adware that could be consuming resources in background and could be the reason behind slow internet on PC.

5. Why does my internet slow down at night?

Many people complain that their internet is slow during night time; it could be due to the fact that many people access the internet at night and this could lead to congestion. Thus, the internet is slow. You can avoid downloading files and streaming content during the “internet rush hour” to avoid the problem of slow internet during night time.

6. Why is my internet slow all of a sudden?

It happens sometimes that internet speed drops suddenly. The reason behind it could be the website you’re trying to access or an issue with your Wi-Fi connection. To fix slow internet, try applying the basic troubleshooting tips that we have mentioned in this article.

Fix Slow Internet With Simple Troubleshooting Tips

Slow internet speed is annoying and it can be frustrating at times especially when you are watching a movie or doing important office work. With the above tips, you can fix internet issues and get over the bad internet speed. You can call your ISP and seek troubleshooting tips from them if the above tips do not fix your internet.

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