This Farmer Tried Catching Fish With His Drone, And it Worked

drone-fishingShort Bytes: A farmer went fishing with this fishing-drone…..and it worked pretty well. Check out the video.

Earlier this week, an Alabama fisherman rescued a tiny pair of kittens from the water, and now here’s a farmer who learned how to catch a fish using his drone.

Derek Klingenberg is technologically skilled and he is very popular on YouTube. In his YouTube alias, he adds farmer to the front of his name and calls himself Farmer Derek Klingenberg. In the past, his video featuring him serenading cattle with song “Royals” became viral. He says that it’s his first attempt of drone-fishing, but he had to practice a lot before he shot the video.

Watch the video below in which he floats his drone over the water and dips his line in. Instead of using a reel, he uses joysticks and easily catches a small fish with his fishing-drone. He easily pulls fish onto the shore with his joystick and takes a selfie after the catch.

Take a look:

Did you like this guy’s attempt at drone-fishing? Tell us in the comments below.

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