Hackers Versus Cyber Criminals: Know the Difference


Short Bytes: People are often confused between two terms: hackers and cyber criminals. In this article, I’m sharing a video that tells you the difference between these two.

Cyber crime occurs when breaking into the private worlds of people, these bad hackers start to misuse the information for their own benefit and loss of others. The story of hacking and cyber crime goes back to early 1950s when some phone freaks, commonly known as “phreaks”, started hijacking world’s phone networks and making long-distance calls.

A report sponsored by the security firm McAfee estimates the annual damage to the global economy due to cyber crimes at $445 billion and near about $1.5 billion was lost in the year 2012 due to online debit and credit card fraud in the US.

According to me, there are two types of hackers: good hackers and bad hackers. The bad hackers are the ones who commit cyber crime.  Here’s a video that shows how Darren Kitchen, a hacker and the host of tech show Hak5, tells how hacking is different from cyber crime:

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