How A Thief Turns A Credit Card Reader Into A ‘Skimmer’ In 3 Seconds

credit card skimmer
credit card skimmer

credit card skimmerShort Bytes: Skimming is an effective technique used by thieves to steal credit card information from old and classic debit/credit card scanners. Recently, in Miami, two people were caught on camera who placed a skimmer on a credit card scanner in less than three seconds.

Surprisingly, turning a regular credit card reader into a device to steal users’ credit card information — a device commonly known as skimmer — can take just three seconds. This was revealed when an unidentified man placed a skimmer on a gas station credit card scanner in Miami.

Miami Beach police have released the surveillance video of two men whose activity was recorded on the camera as they placed a credit card skimmer over a debit/credit card at a gas station. This incident took place last week.

How the thief turned a credit card reader into a skimmer?

If you take a look at the video — we’ve shared it below — you will notice that one of the men distracts the clerk working at the store, while the other person places the skimmer over the payment keyboard near the register. This happened so fast — under 3 seconds — that you might have to rewatch the whole sequence to catch the thief.

Fortunately, the skimmer became loose on the keypad and the clerk called the cops. This video clip has been released by the police to get help in identifying the two men caught in the video.

It should be noted that skimming is an old technique that’s still very effective if a merchant is using an old and classic credit card system.

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Here’s the whole video —

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