The “Fi” In “Wi-Fi” Means NOTHING. It’s Just A Pun

Wifi security tips
Wifi security tips

teen-Jenny-Fry-died-suicode-wifi-allergy-Short Bytes: What does Wi-Fi mean in real life? Some say it’s ‘wireless fidelity’? But is that true? Know about the story behind Wi-Fi and what does ‘Wi’ and ‘Fi’ stand for in the whole story?

Wi-Fi doesn’t stand for anything. It is not even an acronym. There is no meaning behind it. Wi-Fi logo was invented by Interbrand. Well, the invention of Wi-Fi logo has its own interesting story.

The story behind Wi-Fi logo:

The sole purpose of the invention of the Wi-Fi logo was to create a sense of interoperability and which could help further marketing efforts. On the official basis, the Wi-Fi was actually called “IEEE 802.11b” and later its subsequence like IEEE 802.11 a/b/c/g were about to come. So there had to be a brand logo name which was catchy and very easy to remember and use otherwise.

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What is Wireless fidelity?

The term wireless fidelity came into existence because of the apprehension of some of the colleagues that Wi-Fi should actually make sense. So the term ‘Wireless Fidelity’ came into existence. They didn’t understand branding or marketing without having some sort of literal explanation. So, the branding company compromised and they agree to include the tagline “The Standard for Wireless Fidelity”.

But this was the mistake which started confusing people. Later when Wi-Fi became successful and marketing and business people from larger companies started approaching the company, it was decided that the tagline should be dropped.

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