How To Make Your Own Tiny “PC In A Mouse” That Runs Linux

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Short Bytes: Slider2732, a YouTuber, has created his own version of a “PC In A Mouse.” Using an Orange Pi Zero and an old optical mouse, he created a tiny PC that runs Linux. He has also shared the video of his DIY, using which you can also create one for yourself.

Do you have a couple of discarded optical mice in your vintage electronics collection? If you’re planning to throw them away, it’s time to hold your horses and create a PC out of it. No, I’m not asking you to get it repaired and use it with a PC or laptop. I’m asking you to use the mouse to build a new PC.

If you’re thinking that I’m not making any sense, let me tell you that you can fit an Orange Pi Zero inside a mouse. Using a 3-watt amplifier, wireless keyboard with built-in mouse, and car reversing monitor, YouTuber Slider2732 has built his own PC. And, you can do the same.

To make his version of PC In A Mouse, he used an old Logitech optical mouse that had a transparent bottom, which is perfect for looking at the inside components.

computer in a mouse 2
The whole setup (Image: Slider2732)

Slider2732 was also able to set up the wireless networking that allowed him to use the internet and watch some cool videos on YouTube.

The PC In A Mouse build by him runs the RetroOrangePi 3.0.1 Linux distro, which has Armbian 5.25 O/S, OpenElec, Kodi and all the games system + arcade emulators. You can also use Debian 8-based standalone Armbian. You can grab an Orange Pi Zero by visiting this link.

Just in case you’re interested in building your own PC In A Mouse, feel free to watch the video below and grab some inspiration:

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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