What Is Camp Mode In Tesla? Everything You Need To Know

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Back in December 2019, Tesla introduced a new feature called ‘Camp Mode’ through its OTA update. Though many people are aware of it and know how to use it, there might be some who still don’t know about it.

Today, we’ll tell you everything from Tesla Camp mode usage, benefits, and situations when you cannot use it.

It’s one of the few features Tesla incorporated on owners’ demand. Since Tesla’s rear seats are foldable, some users thought it could be used as a camping bed on adventurous trips. Earlier, Tesla’s cars didn’t have the option of keeping climate control and lights enabled for prolonged periods in parking mode. Therefore, Tesla Camp Mode came into existence.

What Is Tesla Camp Mode?

Tesla Camp Mode is a simple feature that turns your electric car into a comfortable and breathable cabin. Camp Mode maintains airflow, interior lighting, temperature, and even music if you want after enabling the mode.

However, you will manually have to lock the car from inside so that nobody breaks in.

How To Enable Camp Mode?

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To enable camp mode, you simply have to touch the fan icon at the bottom of the screen and tap on the ‘Camp’ icon. However, your car needs to be in the Parking mode.

Camp Mode maintains the optimum temperature and airflow inside the car; however, you can also adjust the temperature as per your convenience.

When You Cannot Use Camp Mode?

Well, obviously, your car needs to be in parking mode to turn on this feature. Apart from this, you cannot use it if the battery percentage goes below 15%. Tesla simply puts the limit at 15% to save the battery and reach the nearest charging station.

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However, recently, while replying to a Tesla owner on Twitter, Elon said users would be able to use the feature even when the battery would be as low as 5%.

How Much Battery Does Camp Mode Consume?

In normal conditions, Camp Mode generally consumes around 10% or 7-8 kWh of battery for about 8-9 hours. However, in extremely cold conditions, the draining rate can increase slightly higher and costs about 14-15% of the total battery percentage for 8 hours.

Well, this is only a rough estimate and the figures can change depending on the environment and battery condition of the electric car.

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If we talk about Tesla’s electric cars with heat pumps like Tesla Model Y or the 2021 Model 3, you can expect slightly more efficiency.

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