Steam Summer Sale 2022 To Start On June 23

Steam Summer Sale To Start On June 24
Image: YouTube

If you love PC games, then you must be familiar with the annual Steam Summer Sale that offers games at heavy discounts. But Valve is super secretive with the sale and doesn’t reveal much until the sale goes up.

It is a tradition that we have hated for many years but it is what it is. But this year’s Steam Summer Sale 2022 details, like always, have leaked beforehand.

Unlike the previous year, this time Steam’s official YouTube channel published a video announcing the 2022 sale. The short video doesn’t post an elaborate list but showcases clips from various games which could be available at a discount in the sale.

Steam Summer Sale 2022: What to expect

The video pretty much states that it is around the corner and will offer heavy discounts like always. But it doesn’t state the upper or lower limit of discounts. The presenter does say that the discount will be applicable across all genres and you should expect a wide variety of games from every genre.

The video showcases some of the greatest AAA games ever made like Red Dead Redemption 2. While we won’t call Cyberpunk 2077 exactly great, mainly due to its botched release and bugs, it could also have a good discount in the Steam Summer Sale.

The video also features God of War 4 for PC which dropped this year in January. Latest titles like Ghostwire: Tokyo, Dying Light 2, and V Rising could also offer great discounts.

Steam Summer Sale 2022
Image: YouTube

On top of that, there will also be a trading cards activity and badges which the presenter teased in the video. She didn’t elaborate on the badges and what they could do (We wish they offer even more discounts!).

Steam Summer Sale 2022 will begin at 1 AM on 23 June 2022. It will continue its two-week stretch and then culminate on 8 July 2022. If you have been saving up for your favorite titles, this is the opportunity to grab exciting games at dirt-cheap prices.

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